Field Research in Chitwan, Nepal

In mid-May, I traveled to central Nepal to carry out field research on the School-Led Total Sanitation (SLTS) program. When in Chitwan, I met with the four organizations implementing SLTS projects and identified… Continue reading

Nepali Bhanda

After a 6 week break from blogging due to time constraints, I’m back on to it with more of a photo blog style. Enjoy! On April 30, Bhanda began. Bhanda, meaning “closed” or… Continue reading

Solukhumbu Trekking

It is a hot, humid week in Kathmandu. I returned to the capital city late Friday evening 1.5 weeks ago after an eight-day trekking excursion in the Solukhumbu District. This is a region… Continue reading

Activity on the Streets

I’ve continued making progress on research over the past 2 weeks and now have a better idea of what I’ll be working on over the 3 remaining months in Nepal. But, enough on… Continue reading

Finally, a new update!

After two weeks of field work in mid-western Nepal, I recently returned to Kathmandu, and it’s great to be back in the big city. Time has been flying the past 3 weeks since… Continue reading

Getting Started in Kathmandu!

Since the first entry, two weeks have passed. So much has happened, and more so on practical and research front, than the tourist. As a result photography hasn’t been my focus, though I… Continue reading

Nepal Update Week #1

After a wonderful 5 months in Utrecht, the Netherlands taking courses for a Master’s of Science in Sustainable Development – International Development, I departed for a research internship in Nepal on Monday February… Continue reading