DR, and the photos that almost weren’t

Within the blink of an eye he was off with my camera in hand!  At first, we hesitated, should I follow? Is it worth it? For the old Nikon D40, I thought no. BUT THE PHOTOS!

Joy and I looked at each for a second. We had agreed without words. The chase was on. The first reaction was to throw something, anything: I grabbed a near full water bottle and started to run, and a few seconds later it was whizzing past his head. 7th grade track skills kicked in – once a runner always a runner.

IMG_4878 IMG_1723

A short sprint across four lanes of traffic of the busy Ocean Boulevard, and a few echoing yells full of “HEY . . . expletive . . . HEY,” and the community was out of their houses in full as the pursuit entered their neighborhood: women encouraging the chase with Spanish yells of their own, children running alongside,¡Ven! ¡Ven!, and guiding me through the streets, and a few minutes later, men tackling the young robber and pinning him to the ground, awaiting my arrival.

IMG_4864 IMG_4755 IMG_4776


I ran up, saying nothing to the defeated man. His face said it all. We got out of there fast and found a taxi to our destination, Los Tres Ojos National Park in central Santo Domingo. It was beautiful.

IMG_4819 IMG_4446

DSC_0556 DSC_0224 IMG_4631



Though I was able to recover the camera, and photos, the device that had traveled the world with me capturing sights from the peaks of the Himalayas to the rock walls of Tonsai Bay to the people of Kibera, had hit the pavement hard; the lens had shattered.




IMG_1865 IMG_1814

The body was scratched but survived. Most importantly, the photos were safe, all that was on my mind when the chase began on the last day of the 17 day trip. We were startled.


IMG_1816      IMG_1706 IMG_4852 DSC_0518

The adrenaline rush was great. I am grateful beyond words for the help of the community members in obstructing the young man’s robbery attempt. That was the last day of the trip.

DSC_0513 DSC_0478 DSC_0392 DSC_0378 DSC_0316

In July 2014, Joy and I enjoyed 17 days of traveling, hiking, and beaching within the Dominican Republic. Our main locations include Caberete (7 days), Las Galeras (3 days) and Las Tarenas (2 days), Constanza (3 days) and Santo Domingo (2 days). Though we did face one attempted stolen camera in Santo Domingo, it was a wonderfully relaxing and active adventure. We loved it.



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