Around Bangalore and MyRain in Madurai

In early June 2013, Fred Rose (Acara Director) and I hopped on a night train to Madurai, near the southern tip of India. We spent 3 days with MyRain CEO and Acara alumnus, Steele Lorenz, visiting farmers, meeting Steele’s team and enjoying Madurai’s classiest establishments, including the underground space capsule that is Apollo 96.


Gigantic tree in Lal Bagh Gardens, Bangalore.


The smell of mango season perfumes the air throughout streets in India in the early summer.


The cows wander the streets even in the IT center of India, but they aren’t wild. They are rounded up to their homes periodically and graze in their neighborhood at other times.


Auto rickshaws are not just a convenient means of transportation in a big city, but can be a party mobile.


Visiting MyRain’s farmers in Madurai, learning about installation of drip irrigation systems.


The farmer we visited wanted to share refreshing coconut water with us, but couldn’t manage to cut one down.


Getting goaty.


Steele, Manikandan (MyRain operations manager) and MyRain farmer in front of mixed groundnut and banana fields.


The MyRain team on the first anniversary! Congratulations Steele!