Exploring the Ngong River

KDI’s first community project in Kibera occurred at the point where the Ngong River exits Kibera and enters the Nairobi Dam. In the rains of April 2012, the river experienced heavy flows. The stream bed dropped by 1-2 meters as the streambed soil eroded away. We are now designing a stream bed stabilization system for the river at site 1, beginning with a basic site survey.


Ngong River at Public Space Project 01 near Salinga in Kibera. The streambed is as much settled inorganic garbage as soil or mud.



Jack, Joe, Margaret, and I conducted a basic site survey in order to prepare a project design report. Jack is taking a distance measurement downstream from Joe.



While Jack and Joe were getting wet in the river (Joe fell in!), I helped document the survey from the banks with the help of some students.



The base of the bridge at site 1 used to be at the streambed. Now the bed has dropped by 1-2 meters. The bridge will face risk of collapse in the coming rainy seasons without measures to stabilize the streambanks.



Students from the nearby school were interested in taking a look while we surveyed the area.





Joe in the river.